Intentional Plans

Everyday is a day to cherish our loved ones and friends. For the past years, I have been unable to attend lots of get-togethers and meet-ups. I have missed several important occasions of friends. It could be because of distance or timing. Because of this, I feel that I have lost touch with them. These are friends from high school and college.

This year, God-willing, it is in my goals to be more “intentional”. This includes in meeting with friends, both old and new. If I can not attend an event, I should plan an “intentional” visit. I was glad that this was trend since the start of the year. I have visited Pehpot and met with college friends a few weeks back.

I also plan on becoming more intentional when it comes to exercise. No matter if it is through fitness equipment or walking around the village.

Let us see how intentional I will get this year.

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