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One of my daily reads is Just About Anything. I love her layout, its concise and widgets are useful. The white background allows me to focus on the texts of her posts and gives the site a clean look! And the title of her site is perfect for what she writes about… motherhood, travels and everything else under the sun.

My favourite posts are those about her personal experiences like her letter she wrote for her hubby or those about motherhood. Since she is currently located in Germany, I definitely look forward to her posts about their travels, whether in country or out of the country. It makes me feel I am part of the trip too! I love Venice By Night and Mommy Moments Special Trips. Recently, I noticed that there are several blogs being featured on the site. It seems that Kikamz, author of Just About Anything, has her eye set on the $200 prize from Pehpot and Kaye’s Blog Contest!

Just About Anything is the home of Tuesday Coach Potatoes weekly movie meme. Interesting movies are featured everyweek based on a theme. Because of the success of the weekly meme, there is an on-going DVD giveaway too! Now, isn’t that generous?

These are the reasons why Just About Anything is one of my daily reads.


  1. thanks for this review marce chris. i am very touched that you wrote this review even if it is part of a contest. hihi! i really appreciate this one. it is inspiring to know that you like reading my entries. i hope you found them worth your while… 😀

    and you are right, i have my eye on the $200 but it is a tough competition. and i haven't been writing much lately. sadness!

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