Kyla Turned Six!

Today is Kyla’s 6th birthday! I can’t believe my first born is now 6 years old! Where has the time gone?

I love you and I am glad that God chose me to be your mom!

It started out a beautiful day for her (she has been coughing a bit though) but when I fetched her from school, she was having an asthma attack already. Poor Kyla, she didn’t get to enjoy her afternoon. I hope she recovers fast so that she can enjoy her birthday party at school tomorrow.


  1. naku marce ganyan din feeling ko nung nag one year si kayil last october, I can’t believe how time flies so fast.. at ngayon di ko na sya kayang kargahin..Happy Birthday Ate Kyla!

  2. May munting dalaga ka na, Chris. I hope the asthma goes away in time for her to enjoy her birthday party. Happy birthday Kyla!

  3. Get well soon, Kyla, and happy birthday! By the way, Chris, I would like to ask about tomorrow’s theme for Mommy Moments. What exactly do we need to post?

  4. oh Happy Birthday Kyla…get well soon para masaya ka sa party mo sa school…nag dadalaga na sya hehehe.

  5. happy birthday to your girl!btw, i noticed that we already exchanged buttons, but we didn’t follow each other yet..hope you can follow me back.. ^^

  6. Happy birthday ate Kyla ~from baby Julia

  7. Happy birthday Kyla! Hope you feel better soon..

  8. happy bday kyla

  9. happy birthday Kyla! enjoy your party! … my daughter Skylah will turn 6 this April, and we call her Kyla too 🙂

  10. I do hope she gets better soon Marce. Nakakatuwa siguro to see her grow up noh….can’t wait till IK get blessed with a child.

  11. happy birthday kyla!

  12. dalaga na siya, Mommy Chris!Enjoy your very special day young lady. have more birthday celebrations to come.hugssss!

  13. Happy birthday to your dear daughter. I hope she recovers soon. Ilang taon na lang fully-pledge dalaga na ang iyong binibini :)I hope she enjoyed her day tomorrow. Blessings to her 🙂

  14. Oh Big girl na !!!!!! All the BEST to your lil Miss and oh my,, may asthma pala sya like Braiden,, its so hard to see them suffer and feel out of breath ,,, Hope she feels better and enjoy her day!!!!!!! She is indeed LUCKY to have a caring . loving Mom like you !!!!

  15. Laki na ni Kyla. She will be in Grade one na pala ano, bilis ng panahon, Marce. 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday Kyla!

    Your mom loves you so much!

  17. Happy Birthday Kyla!May hika din pala siya :(.I hope and pray for her fast recovery.More birthdays and more candles to blow for Kyla!Warm hugs!

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