Living Life to the Fullest Review

I don’t exactly remember when I first saw this blog, but I certainly enjoyed my first visit that is why I am following this blog. Living Life to the Fullest is an interesting site to visit. With posts ranging from personal topics like motherhood to life thoughts to movies to how tos and to so much more.

Some recent posts that I remember were posts about the author’s experience with the Bureau of Customs when she bought a t-shirt online and had Fed-Ex deliver it to her house. This kind of experience is definitely nerve wracking!

Anyway, the site uses a 3 column template which uses a green and white background. The first side bar has subscription buttons, badges and a lengthy blog roll. On the second side bar, you can see a list of income generating sites for Levy, the site’s author. You can also see all the categories which her posts are classified under. This site has been up for almost 2 years now and it has a respectable page rank of 3 and Alexa rank of 166,497. Definitely a lot of bloggers have linked up to this site. If you haven’t dropped by yet, try to check it out to find out why many are linking up with this blog.


  1. You know, I owe Levy a visit. I met her in Johnson & Johnson's event. I should drop by her site soon. Re invite for The Red Shoes, Nuffnang sent the invite. Are you a Nuffnang member? If not, register at their site for free, and you'll get invited to their events.

  2. Thanks Mommy Chris for the very nice review.

    Hope you win in Kaye and Peh's contest… Goodluck!

  3. Nice reviews, Chris. I've been reading your reviews and am inspired to join the contest, too.

  4. great review!☺

    btw mommy chris, i've got something for you here.☺

    have a great week ahead!

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