Make or Break Review

Make or Break is one of my favorite mommy blogs. As soon as you open this site, the banner catches your eye as it gives you an overview of Mommy Pehpot’s life as a SAHM. Make or Break is a chronicle of a mom’s daily worries, rants and experiences. Articles are written with so much wit and humor that you would want to read more entries. Heartwarming stories like the ones she posted when typhoon Ondoy struck are truly memorable posts. Posts are written creatively as well. Blogging Today was a special that I often look forward reading. The Blogging Today posts were written like an interview was being conducted on a talk show. They are quite informative posts too like the one about caring for a newborn. Followers are also given special recognition through blog posts about them just like the feature on the 200th follower.

Another eye catcher for me is that the blogs are categorized very clearly as you can see only a few blog categories to choose from. The widgets used on the sidebar are informative. The only glitch with Make or Break is that my browser freezes for a few seconds everytime the page loads. It could be my internet connection but it happens even when I visit in the middle of the night when internet connection is not slow.

If you are looking for a mommy blog with a lots of heart, good content and great backlinks, this is definitely it!

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