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I can’t believe it but it is the LAST Friday of February already and our theme today is Song From A Mom’s Heart. Do you have a special song for your kids? Or one that you used to sing to them when they were little? Share them with us here at Mommy Moments!

When my eldest was born, I used to play this CD for her whenever she goes to sleep…

We came to know the music by heart. One particular song from that CD echoed my thoughts. It is the Song of Dedication.

Lord I dedicate yes I consecrate

My daughter to You

For Your purposes

For Your perfect plans

For all the things you’ll have her do

Lord I give back to You

This child You’ve given me

For she belongs to You

She’s just a loan of love

A gift from above

And I give her back to You

O Lord I give her back to You

As for my little boy, I sang to him “Itty Bitty Baby Boy”…. He also knows how to sing it too!

Itty bitty baby boy

Daddy’s pride, Mama’s pearl
Tiny treasure, so petite
Great is the joy that you bring
To your daddy and me

Singing to them when they were young was something I truly enjoyed. It brought great bonding moments to us… Now I don’t get to sing much to them anymore, but once in awhile, I remind them about these special songs and sing it to them.


  1. Ako din Mommy Chris! Love ko to sing to my kids.

    Im present this week. Sorry for my absence. I have very very busy lately.

  2. His Unfailing Love says

    Singing to our kids is the greatest thing we can do, it would help them sleep and feel that we care.
    Happy Mommy Moments!

  3. the song for your little boy is cute, I posted my entry for this week after a long absence, hope you and other mommies come by to visit.

  4. This is one of the most favorite themes in Mommy Moments so far.. Songs kase can really soften one's heart.. and it makes us feel the inner part of our hearts.. thanks for this theme, mommy chris.. =)

  5. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    I think I forgot to post my MM link but thank Mommy Chris for linking it here…:D

    I love the song as well. I remember that song when I listen to one of the CD I borrowed from the library…

    Singing to our children is really important, they always felt being loved…

  6. I first heard the Song of Dedication during Aori's dedication too. Very apt and touching! Kudos to you Mommy Chris for coming up with today's topic. 🙂

  7. sweet_shelo says

    Sis , I am back.. It;s been long since my last entry.

    By the way sis, the lyrics of that special song of yours are very precious..

  8. love the lyrics of the song…too bad english songs for baby is very hard to find here ..kaya si Hyzyd Praise and Worship song from Hillsongs album ang kinakanta namin sa kanya:)

    mine's up here:

  9. Hi girl happy mommy moments to you anyway mine is up na its here

  10. Mine is the CD for little boys version. The songs are really nice and soothing.

  11. The Itty Bitty Boy sounds like the kind of song I would sing to CJ too 🙂 Today's theme is so sweet!

  12. MinnieRunner says

    Maybe you can reminisce it by singing along a videoke 🙂

  13. that's a very beautiful dedication song marce chris! si sam naman, ave maria ang latest natutunan nya na song. cute din ng song ni toby!

  14. feeling ko ang ganda ng boses ko kapag kinakantahan ko sila nung mga babies pa sila. ngayon they dont like my singing voice. 😀

  15. gene + experiments says

    Pasali din ako Mommy Chris.

  16. I'm in this MM this week Chris! God's Bless!

  17. what a lovely song of endearment to your kids, Chris…thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. I love your song mommy chris. I just dont know the tune and lyrics but i love the message or lyrics.

  19. those are lovely songs for such blessed kiddos..

    thank you again for linking me up, Momi….and for the award.

    I will let you know as soon as i'm done posting.

    have a blessed Sunday!

  20. I'm very very late humabol lang ako,ayaw kong palagpasin ang MM 😀
    Ngayon ko lang narinig ito,but I like this song dunno the lyrics 'though but will find it in

  21. Bambie dear ★ says

    yah i remember that post =)…

    sayang di ko naihabol ang post ko =(.. nwei pinost ko pa rin ang aking entry

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