Mommy Moments – Valentine’s Day

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Its still the LOVE month and our theme this week is VALENTINES DAY. Most of the families celebrate Valentine’s Day. So how did your family celebrate this year’s Valentine’s day?

Our family doesn’t really celebrate this day. The kids know that it is Valentine’s day but we don’t really go out and celebrate it. We are avoiding the Valentine’s day rush and the traffic. Another reason,Valentine’s is not biblical.

My daughter started to get sick a few days before Valentine’s day thus we decided to stay home so she can recuperate. She made me a card…

And I gave her some flowers from our garden to cheer her up!

As of today, she still is recovering. I am certainly glad she is getting better.

Share your Valentine’s story with us! Join us at Mommy Moments! Our theme next week is Song From A Mom’s Heart


  1. We don’t go out too. 🙂 Aw, I pray Kyla is better now. Have a great weekend mommy Chris! 🙂

  2. Kame we do celebrate it talaga, but as far as I can remember, it’s our first time to eat out.. How’s Kyla now, Mommy Chris? I hope she’s well now. I love it when my daughter gives me flowers from the park, I will do it to her on spring..

  3. By MelCole of PA says

    Aww, hope Kyla’s better now. I bet she will be coz she have a loving mother 🙂

  4. Hope Kyla is feeling better now Mommy Chris..

  5. hows Kyla now? i hope she recuperated already.. *mwaah, hugs kyla*

  6. The flower is so sweet, I bet kyla is better now to receive that flower of yours. mine is up na din pala thanks

  7. Kyla isi really a sweet and thoughtful daughter. I hope she’s feeling much better now.

  8. We don’t go out for a date,too–iba kasi ang culture nila dito sa atin.Hope Kyla is feeling better for now,Mommy Chris.

  9. same here, sa bahay lang kami :-); is Kyla feeling better now; it is hard to have a sick kid home :-(…anak ko din kaka recuperate lang sa ubo niya eh…

  10. Aawww…. giving Mommy drawings even when not feeling well. I hope Kyla feels a lot better now.

  11. oww,, she does look pale and sickly,,, hope she is doing well now….

  12. I hope Kyla’s feeling better now. Happy weekend Chris God bless you and your family!

  13. lifes journey says


  14. Bambie dear ★ says

    kyla is always been sweet.. ok na ba sya? Nwei happy weekends =)

  15. hope she gets well soon! 🙂 sweet!

  16. Hope Kyla’s better na marce…agree with you marce Valentine’s isn’t Biblical so we didn’t really have a big celebration for that day…

  17. How’s Kyla doin’ now Marce?She’s so sweet & thoughtful.I wish you a Blessed weekend.

  18. how’s kyla mami Chris? I hope she’ll get better soon…take care!love the art….so cute!

  19. aaaaw Kayla is really growing up to be a sweet, thoughtful, and talented daughter. you are blessed, Mommy!Get well soon Kayla!..and thank you for linking me up! Yes, do let me know about your third blog 🙂

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