Novice on Blogging Review

If you are a newbie in the blogging world, NOOB or Novice on Blogging is a site worthy of your visit. In fact, you should follow this blog or at least subscribe to it. The articles posted are quite useful and educational for bloggers like you and me. If you have been wondering about disclosure policies, there is actually a post about it on how to create a disclosure policy and if you need a word count tool . I love the short guide on reviewing blogs since it really became my guide while writing all the reviews I made recently. And the no follow vs do follow is a must read to know more why advertisers want to do follow sites and blogs with higher page rank.

Now lets talk about the layout and the banner. The banner is quite attractive and indicates a woman is behind this educational site. The layout used was simple and pleasing to the eye. Each widget was placed conveniently on the right sidebars. There are useful widgets like the archive, recent comments and subscription button.

So if you are a blogger who wants to learn about blogging, I recommend that you include this site to your must visits daily!

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