Our Garden Update

I have blogged about the state of our garden a few months ago. I wanted to share with everyone the changes that have taken place in our garden…

So what do you think? Thanks to blessings we received from my parents over Christmas, we were able to have our garden cemented. The stones on the plant box were designed by Kyla and me a few weeks ago. I definitely like the look of our garden now. It’s easier to maintain too. Gives me more time to do online blogging about best acne treatments and preparing the launch of my new blog too.


  1. onlinemommy says

    Ang gara gara talaga ng house nyo mommy! Malaking katipiran sa budget ha pag hindi na nagrerent πŸ˜‰

  2. hi mommy chris! ganda ng garden!

  3. Hi Mommy Chris, salamat at shinare mo ‘to ang ganda. Pinapaayos ko din yung harapan ng bahay namin ngayon. At magandang idea yung halaman sa semento, tipid sa space at maayos pa. San kayo sa Sta.Rosa? Parang same style ng bahay nyo yung sa brother in law ko sa San Jose Village II.

  4. Taray!

  5. Bambie dear β˜… says

    you have a nice garden =) Get well soon to your lil girl Kyla, nabasa ko kasi sa twit. I hope gets well soon =)

  6. Love your house, love your garden, love your place, I love Philippines. Nice garden Chris

  7. Mas lumaki pa ng lalo ang space ng lawn nyo Marce & nice ng garden.Pwede na nga maglaro mga anak mo dyan & you don’t need much time to clean it up.:D

  8. ganda nang garden nyo…I wish could do something like that in our backyard…

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