Reasons For Homeschooling

I believe every mom has their own dreams for their kids. So what is my dream for my kids? I just want them to grow up with character, with a deeply rooted faith in God and with love in their hearts. I believe that is what I want for them, first and foremost. It is because of this that I decided to homeschool Kyla this coming school year. I am praying that as we devote more time with our kids, we can help them and guide them in character building and of course, in terms of scholastics as well.

I also want them to grow up with a realistic view of the world, not just through books and videos but to really see the world through experience. Homeschooling would be able to give them more opportunity to explore outside the 4 walls of the school. I also hope that they would be able to travel to different places, as I believe this widens one’s horizons. Maybe even Disney vacations?

I am excited to start this new journey with my kids… and I know that I can only fulfil my role if I am doing it with the help of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Good luck on your latest endeavor, Chris! I know Kyla will benefit much from homeschooling because you’re a patient mom.

  2. MiraTemplen says

    Those are good reasons ^_^ May all things be well and excellent with you in this. May it bring you and your daughter closer, and nurture balanced growth, character and creativity in the both of you. Be blessed!

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