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I love the banner of Reviews Inc., It gives a woman’s touch and shows the working side of a woman. The banner is inviting enough for you to scroll down and check out the posts. The blog contents of this site are reviews, reviews and more reviews! The site’s background is white which makes the posts easily readable. The widgets are also useful and easily accessible. Archives and the subscription widgets are the most useful.

What kind of reviews can we see? There are reviews on products like Melt Away Stress Daily Calming Lotion and Real Leaf Green Tea. There are reviews on toys too like the one on Mega Bloks CAT 3 in 1 Ride on Dump Truck. The site also has made several reviews on blogsites and for the movie buffs, there are several reviews on Movies too. The reviews are written from a personal user’s point of view. Reviews are not boring but quite entertaining too.

My only suggestion is that a category widget be added. This will be a great help for those who wants to search through certain review categories. And for all wannabe-review makers like me, visiting Reviews Inc. Is a must to learn more about review making!


  1. Way to go mommy! Sipag mo mag blog review 🙂 Saludo ako sayo 😉

  2. everyone says about the site lacking the category widget haha.. lagay ko na nga :)thanks for the review marcemuah!

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