Suggestions Please?

Our 9th wedding anniversary is a few days away! I still don’t have any clue as to what I can give my dearest hubby. I have been thinking about this for awhile but I am not sure what to pick! Would mp4 mp3 players do? Or a pen? Or some wardrobe accessories? Think think think… Do you have any suggestions?


  1. how about watch, chris?

  2. naku, lapit na wedding anniv nyo! God bless your love more this year chris and in the years to come. if you are thinking of a gift, i think a watch would be great. or you could give him a pen. or both. you said he is already a full time pastor, right? he sure could use both! 😀

  3. Its is my hubby's bday today and I am planning to give him a small leather coin purse that can be attached of his belt, a chocolate cake & a nice back rub tonight. Just sharing maybe it give you some idea.

    Advance Happy anniversary!

  4. Try giving him a watch.

    Or if he already have one, how about a GC from a decent spa or those located inside hotels. Men like to be pampered so for sure, your hubby will enjoy it! 🙂

    Advanced happy anniversary! 🙂 Magkasunod tayo di ba?

  5. Since your hubby’s a Pastor.I would suggest for a schedule book w/c the cover is leather.

  6. Advance happy anniversary pala marce!

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