Another recent favorite of my kids is a cartoon from the 80s, Superbook . I used to watch Superbook myself when I was a child and it amazes me that now my kids are the one watching and enjoying it. Superbook covers Old and New Testament stories from the Bible. I think it is good for kids to watch and learn about Bible stories too. Now, they are watching it while I am looking at plasma tv stands on the net.


  1. favorite ko din superbook at flying house. afternoon classes kase ako nung preschool at elementary kaya nakakanood ako sa umaga. ^^san nyo pinapanood now?

  2. wow, that’s one of my fave din before, I used to be a member of super books and flying house and i received quarterly magazine/booklets and freebies before. How, i wish na meron uling ganyan, kasi it’s really helpful and entertaining talaga.

  3. I love this, too! Where do you get them? Are they on DVD?

  4. I am avid fan of super book. In fact, I am one of the members of Super Kids Club before.ehehe

  5. *MrsMartinez* says

    I remember this… inaabangan ko ito lagi sa tv sa channel ata ito… anung channel na siya nag air now? thanks xoxo

  6. Wala pa kaming tv noon kaya hindi ko ito napapanood 😀 pero meron akong subscription nung mini magazine every month and I really enjoyed reading it.

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