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This review was made for Pehpot and Kaye’s blogging contest. If you haven’t joined yet, do join now and don’t forget to mention that you were referred by Chris!

Knowing about the latest buzz is something everyone is attracted to. We are interested to find out what’s happening around the globe, celebrity issues and local events. The Latest Buzz is an informative site and is constantly updated with the latest news around the globe. One of the most unforgettable posts I read here was about the 11 year old who gave birth already! I can’t believe it…

Anyway, the latest buzz uses a red background which depicts a bright and colourful world of events. It utilizes a 3 column template so that it can accommodate a number of widgets. Widgets include subscription, latest posts, ads and an archive. I think it would most helpful if there is a category section since the news on the site can be a handful. Adding a search button might be useful as well.

I was interested to know more about the writer of the latest buzz so I checked out her about page. I found out that the writer is Gagay. She is a freelance content writer and a medical student at the same time.

Check out The Latest Buzz yourself to find out the latest happenings around the world!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Chris! Advanced Happy Wedding Anniversary too! 🙂 Saan date? 😛

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