WAHMaholic Review

When I first started blogging, I didn’t know a thing about working from home and earning from it! But when I first visited WAHMaholic a few months back, I couldn’t stop visiting this site since it was quite educational for a SAHM like me. I learned so much about the Paypal verification process and how to use paypal without having to pay a fee. I also learned about freebies through this site like the 100% free mousepad from Artscow.

WAHMaholic is designed simply with a white background which makes it neat looking. A menu can be easily found at the top of the site which makes navigation easy. Of course I checked out the Portfolio link and saw a compilation link of blogger and wordpress templates Kaye has made in the past. Wonderful templates can be seen which makes you want to avail of her services to update your own site! The site uses a 2-column template which is uncluttered. I also noticed that there are buttons after each post which allows you to easily share the posts to other social networking sites! Posts are written with humor and wit. Truly entertaining to read and makes you want to regularly visit.

If you haven’t visited yet, drop by now and don’t forget to join the on-going contest. There are lots of prizes at stake!


  1. salamat dito marce! sorry ngayon lang ako nakacomment (pero matagal ko ng nabasa ito. hihi) at nalelerkey ako sa mga gawain ko sa buhay. hihi!

    thanks uli!!! mwah!

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