Girls Rule! A Review

Girls Talk

I just love Girl’s Rule! Who wouldn’t? It is a site for us blogger chics! This is also the home of the famous meme that runs every Thursday, Girl’s Talk. I have joined this meme since it started and have learned a great deal about other women. We have discussed all sorts of things about ourselves, our Christmas experiences, our special firsts and this Month, we are being daring by divulging about our physical bodies! So you might be wondering who came up with this idea? Niko is the beauty and brains behind this great site. She is a loving wife to Yobib and wonderful mom of Yena.

When you first visit Girl’s Rule, the header greets you and is a definite eye catcher as it embodies women empowerment! I love the way the header shows different types of women and how each of them is unique and special. The site utilizes 3 column layout which gives lots of room for the different widgets. I like it that the site has archives which allows me to look back at the different posts but I think it would also be great if there is a tag or label widget which categorizes the posts.

If you are a girl blogger, this site is for you!

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