I haven’t attended a wedding for the longest time… When my friends from high school got married, I only was able to attend one and most of them, I wasn’t able to attend because I was pregnant then with my first child and I had a difficult first trimester. Then when a few more invited me, there were conflicts with the schedule… Since then, I haven’t seen much Wedding Invitations. It just means all my friends got married already, well, most of my high school friends are married now or I have lost all friends, well another possibility. Anyway, Baby Shower Invitations are next in line. I only got to attend one Baby Shower long time ago.

Now, recently I have received Save The Date Cards from one of the young people who was in our youth group 10 years ago. She has now migrated to the USA and is getting married! I am truly excited and honoured to be invited! I mean, after all these years, she has remembered me. I am very touched truly by her gesture of inviting me. Even if I don’t think I will be able to attend, it just made me feel special to be invited.


  1. haven't been attending social functions lately as well, my kids are more sociable than I, hehehe…

  2. Once in a while..once in a blue moon, its ok to attend, Mommy. 🙂 Its nice to dress up and feel like your old self. Aori also has more invitations than I do.

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