Lactacyd Baby Care Village

The Lactacyd Baby Care Village is a place wherein mommies and daddies can learn more about baby bathing and keeping your baby healthy. Visit the Lactacyd Baby Care Village at Market!Market! on March 28.

Do watch out for the upcoming promos on The Mommy Journey!


  1. Thanks so much, Chris! I knew deep inside you're going to join and I'm right. hehe
    I'm going to put a post every day of the week (I'm still thinking if I can do it even on the weekends) so for anybody who likes to join they can do it ANY day of the week. Monday, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri – they just take their pick. Or they can do it every day if they want to. For me, since my goal is to finish all 101 ways in the list I'm going to make a post about it everyday so the Mr. Linky is there from Mon to Friday. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed here.)I'm really so excited, we have done the first one (make a telephone)which was a hit with Z! I would really owe you a lot if you mention it at mommy moments. thanks so much!

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