Medical Gadgets

If you have extra money, it would be good to invest it on some health gadgets that are useful in the house. Gadgets can include:
– digital thermometer
pulse oximeter
– glucometer

Here are some of the recent digital medical gadgets experiences we’ve had. We had a baby ear thermometer since my eldest was born. It has been really useful but for the past months, I have noticed that it has been giving me temperatures which are quite low. I remember last month, I used it to get Kyla’s temperature and it registered below 37.5 but when we got to the doctor, the doctor said she has a fever of 38.3 already so that triggered me to purchase a new digital ear thermometer, not only for babies but for adults use too.

Another gadget we use often is the glucometer. Because hubby has been diagnosed with diabetes recently, the doctor advised us to check his blood sugar everyday for the past month to see if body is responding to the insulin shots. Thank God that his mom has a glucometer and she lent it to us. But soon, I want to purchase one for my hubby’s personal use too.


  1. I think the problem was in your old thermometer.
    Medical gadgets

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