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Its Friday! How fast the days pass us by.. our theme for this week is Field Trips.

Here are some of the pictures from Kyla’s recent school field trip. I went with her this time and we had a great time bonding together!

This was taken before we left the house early in the morning
This was taken from Monde Nissin Noodle Factory here in Sta Rosa.
Kyla is the one in dark blue right in the middle.
taken at Rizal Shrine at Calamba

picnic on Bluroze Farm in Batangas

fun moments in Bluroze
witnessed actually milking of cows in Badeco Farm
Now, its your turn to share great field trip memories with your kids! 🙂
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  1. Field trips are fun. its one way of bonding with your kids too. 🙂

  2. so sad i can't join today's mommy moments…
    haven't gone to a field trip with my little zoie

    anyway, i'll just everybody's posts!

    have fun, mommies!

  3. Evan's Mom says

    Sorry been missing MM for weeks mommy, got many distractions! Field trips are good for kids, they can learn many things first hand.

    Happy weekend

  4. That was a fun and educational field trip for Kyla. Good thing, you were able to go with her; that's a bonus. You got the chance to bond with your eldest.

  5. Sta. Rosa is a great location talaga. We went there several time before looking for a house and lot.(Georgia Club) Everything is there na, especially places like parks for the whole family.

  6. wow! looks like you two had real fun! well, lai naman in each field trip, hehe! It's my first time to join, and already added the link. Thank you!

  7. redamethyst says

    joined this week's meme 😀

    field trip is really fun and exciting.

  8. yeah i here!!! y post -

  9. Wow, lots of places to go to in Sta Rosa pala 🙂 Being with our kids makes it more memorable.. 🙂

  10. It looks like your kids really had fun in their field trip.
    I really don't want my kids to miss any of their school's field trips. It's one of the best ways of learning.
    Thanks for this week's interesting theme. My post is up. Thanks for reminding me by stopping by my last week's post and leaving a comment. Hope I can join again next week even if my computer at home is still being debugged and reformatted.

  11. looks like an educational trip to me :-); mabuti kasama ka rin….

  12. Field trips are fun talaga for the kids!I haven't been at Sta Rosa and Calamba though…

  13. Hi mommy chris, annual ba yang field trip buti pa siya, haist ang school ni mj naun walang field trips eh wahhh anyway heres mine thanks

  14. hi marce chris! finally managed to post my entry. hehe!

    i think Laguna is an ideal place for field trips.. marami kasing industries jan tapos dami ring parks. 😀

    buti nakasama ka na most recent field trip ni kyla. ako, wala pa kaming official field trips pero mini-excursions with the family, marami na. 😀

  15. wow!!! that's what I love with field trips in pinas.. really eduational.. and we have lots of places to go to… more field trips to come for Kyla and mommy.. ako no more na.. no parents allowed na.. huhuhu…

  16. Buti pa dyan saP.I pweden sumama ang parents during kids field trip.Dito sa Japan hindi pwede.Nice bonding w/ the kids during the trip.

  17. Hi! It's my first time joining mommy moments, I was a little late coz I thought that today's entry wasn't posted yet….till I found it below the page :D.

    I miss being a child because of this! Our field trips then were special treats for us kids! It's nice that you enjoyed it together!

  18. @chris di ako sumali kasi wala pa kaming ginawang field trip ng baby ko 😀 ako din di pa nakasali 😀

  19. this is really fun! i can't wait to attend my kids' field trips when they start schooling too. 🙂

  20. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    oh I can't join this week theme since my son haven't been to field trips yet…anyway, I can't wait though to be with him during field trips…

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