Mommy Moments – Summer Days are Here!

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Summer days are definitely here! With the extreme heat of the sun, summer days can be boring days for the kids at home but as moms, how do you let your kids spend their summer? Share some tips!

My kids love to swim at our inflatable pool.
Summer classes. Last year, we enrolled Kyla in Milo Swimming Clinic. Still looking for drawing or art classes this year for Kyla.

Lots of fun with arts. This summer I hope to go through some activities that Paula shared -101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy This Summer.

They also love to wear their sunglasses as we go out.

Playing at the parks. Hope to visit more parks this summer!

They are hoping we can go to the beach again soon. This picture was taken 2 years ago.

Share your stories and tips for the summer. Join us at Mommy Moments!


  1. cute ng mga pics ni toby at kyla…lagi clang magkasama, nakakatuwa naman, i love the pics ung nsa swing cla! super enjoy talaga c toby haha:-)

  2. summer equals fun! Look at thir smiles, priceless!!

  3. What a fun day for the kids.

  4. The Learning Center says

    Hello Cris!It's good to meet you. My first visit here and loving it. I'm joining your beautiful meme. Thanks for hosting.

    You have a lovely family. Blessings to your home from mine.

    Mrs. M

  5. My kids loves summer time and they just can't stay at home and do nothing!They're always out to play at the park which is 5 minutes walk from our home.
    I love Toby and Kyla photo in inflatable pool.^_^

  6. ohyeah summer!!! kids love to swim kaso for adults its tiring ahahah kasi aman walang kapaguran ang kids! =) nice pics! ill post mine soon =0

  7. chubskulit says

    Parang lahat ata ng kids love summer and so are adults. Lovely photos!

    Mine is at Nostalgic blog Mommy Chris.

  8. SASSY MOM says

    Summer is truly enjoyable.

    Hope you all have fun, fun, fun, this summer!

  9. Wow, they have lots of fun activities! Love the arts activity.

  10. I love those pics Chris! summer's really fun for kids and adults alike 😀 Glad to have joined MM again.

    Here's our Summer So Far.

  11. everyone loves summer because it is the time to go to the beach or swim at the swimming pool :-); loves those happy faces of Kyla and Toby :-), very cute!

  12. Evan's Mom says

    Sounds like a great plan. We're going outdoor too this summer, parks, pool and if possible beach 🙂

  13. everybody loves summer.. i can feel the heat already.. summer is here!

  14. ang saya naman ng magkapatid. ang dami nilang pictures together. they really love each other. i can see it in their pictures.

    by the way, can you add my new sites on your blog roll? thanks in advance and Gid bless!

    Topics on Earth
    Mom’s Ups and Downs
    Arts, Crafts and More
    Kitchen Essentials

  15. oh I am sorry, that's GOD bless you!

  16. Enjoy naman ang bonding ng kids mo during the summer. Oh, I like the Milo Sports Clinic programs. It was my dream to join their summer programs.

  17. We're aiming to go out more also.. 🙂 Wishing you and your children a great summer! Hope you do find that art class for Kyla.

  18. Kids just love summer,they can able play @ the pool w/ all their might.I love the photos of Kyla & Toby w/ those sweet smile.

  19. Swimming lessons is one of the things I have in line for frank. I find it essential. By the way, I don't have an entry for this week.

  20. ang saya-saya….love the photos….:) mine is up as well!

  21. wow! you sure had fun summer!

  22. Nag enjoy ako sa mga picture ng anak mo chris. Im sure you guys will have more fun this summer.

  23. thank you so much for linking me up Mommy! I love most the last photo. kayla and Toby are such a cutie! how time flies….

  24. Despite the sweltering heat, summer is really a fun time for kids. It's also a great bonding time for the entire family. I love looking at your kids in the bicycle, super cute!

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