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Niko's Blog

I first found out about Niko’s Blog through the blog lists of other bloggers. I visited her site once and twice and just decided to follow her. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visits. Niko’s Blog is a personal diary and mixed bag of sorts. Her posts include personal stories, her motherhood journey, her baby Yena, her work and her blogging life. Definitely by reading through her posts, you can see that Niko has a close relationship with her blogging buddies personally, not just online.

Technically, Niko’s Blog is a delight to visit. The site utilizes the colors white and lavender giving the site a feminine touch and very cool look. I like the layout as it gives an organized look and neat arrangement of the widgets used. I particularly love the human calendar widget, it gives the site an unique look. Though I wish there was a tags or label widget so it would have been easier to browse through the different posts Niko has made. The site has a page rank of 3 and has an alexa rank of 715,834. It just shows that this site is one of the must visit blogsites and definitely worth following. This blog has been around the blogsphere for quite a number of years already since it published its first post in 2006.

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