Nothing Beats Having Your Own Place

This April, we are celebrating our 5th year since we have moved here to Sta Rosa Laguna. Those who live in their own homes would agree with me in saying that it is not easy maintaining your own place. The appliances get broken and needs to be replaced, garden needs to be taken care of, house repainting should be scheduled and the roof should be checked every now and then. The faucets need to be checked if there are any leaks as well. I want to change our bathroom faucets to Grohe Bathroom Sink Faucets since they look sturdy and easy to maintain. We also need to buy a new sofa and bookshelf.
Though there are many responsibilities, nothing beats taking care of your own place. I am really blessed and thankful for our house.


  1. I hope to have our own house soon =)

  2. that's one of my dream sis! to have our own place =)

  3. soon I'll have to maintain my own house, and it will a very big step to take. especially getting married. hope you can visit my site also, yours..god bless and good luck:)

  4. That's all true. Mas okay naman kung yung money mo napupunta sa sariling bahay kesa sa ibang tao 🙂 We hope to get ours soon ;)Mahal mag rent.

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