Art Day – Paper Art

While strolling inside the mall yesterday, we saw this paper art stuff… we bought the kit at 75 pesos. It consists of a design on wood, 2 small sticks, different colors of paper art. This is Kyla’s finished work… she had fun doing it on her own! As you can see, some of the paper art stuff fell off already because we transported the design and it was still wet.


  1. I tried this before, mommy chris… I enjoyed doing it.. kakatuwa.. kaso di ko natapos yung akin.. haha!!!

  2. *♥Shydub♥* says

    Nice art chris, good job sa anak mo. btw i got tag for you.

  3. I guess I have done this kind of art nung kabataan ko..Great job,Kyla!!Very well done!^_^

  4. Nice work Kyla. 🙂

  5. Mommy Rubz says

    You have an artistic daughter! Nice job Kyla!

  6. Kyla is soooo good! I want to try it…

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