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We are going RED today here at Mommy Moments! You can post any picture of you and your kids in red or with things that are in red! This should be fun… let the fun begin!

Here are the kids with mascots in red!
Capt. Shakeys!

Dora The Explorer


Here is my daughter in RED costumes!
Linggo ng Wila costume in 2009

Miss Uruguay for United Nations presentation in 2008
It is your turn, join us at Mommy Moments!


  1. I like the Christmas Dora,,for sure like din ni Bianca yan !!!!!!!

  2. chubskulit says

    Wow, lovely pictures Mommy Chris!

    Mine is up na din.. Cruisin 'n Bruisin

  3. Mukhang si jollibee naman ang bida this week! lol!

  4. Love your children's photos! Talagang laging ready hehehe…

    Hindi ba tayo magkakaroon ng theme for color green, orange etc hahaha…

    Just Kidding!

    Story Of A Woman

  5. uy si jabi! hehe, cucute!

  6. Red is such a vibrant color and your kids wear them nicely. Kyla has really grown so much. ; )

  7. I am really expecting Jollibee pics… hahaha!!!

  8. Wahhh! sa lahat ng Red, si Jollibee ang fave ko.. at agn skirt ni Kyla ang cute..

  9. daming pictures in red. ang laki na na ni Kyla.

    mine is here…The Power of Red

  10. oh i'm sorry. hindi ako anonymous. just forgot to include my name.

    The Power of Red

  11. Mommy Rubz says

    They all look cute! I love this week. All red! Ruby red! 🙂

    Mine is up!

  12. oh my jollibee, children's favoritest!!

  13. I had fun here!

    Check out the funky Robin in Red.

  14. The Learning Center says

    Those are beautiful pictures! I'm sure they're for keeps.

    Thanks for hosting this beautiful meme, Chris.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. awww i like the 2nd photo. my youngest would love to take photos beside Dora. Great kids you have =)

    BTW, this is my 1st entry for MM cos Bambie keeps bugging me to join hehehe

  16. Sheila Obano says

    sooo red!!!

    im back mommy chris! my post is up!

  17. redamethyst says

    I love today's topic. hehehe.
    Jollibee will be the star today.
    Here's my entry

  18. awww ang cute naman! i also got jabi on my post 🙂

  19. Bambie dear ★ says

    akala ko konti lang maishe-share ko, ang dami ko rin pala red photos.. thanks for this week's theme.. I also enjoyed looking at your kids' photos, esp Kyla's costume, nakakamiss kasi ang linggo ng wika eh hehe

  20. so cute! daming pula…ehehehhe!

  21. By MelCole of PA says

    oi si Dora at si jolibee. Miss ko na si Jolibee, hehehe, miss their spaghetti. Nice red character pics you got Te Chris! You grown up kids soon 🙂

  22. *♥Shydub♥* says

    Sikat ng mga mascot talaga ano. They both adorable in red with the mascot.

  23. Love the photos of them most especially with Jollibee!!Wala kasi nyan sa Japan at nag hit yan sa asawa and kids ko^_^

  24. naku di pa pala ako nakapost for Mommy Moments:(…

    wow I like Kylas uniform as Ms. uruguay and carry na carry nya ang Filipina attire nya…may dalaga ka na sooner marce:)

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  27. Why didn't I think of Jollibee? My son has lots of pictures with Jollibee, too! LOL! Those are really nice red costumes on Kyla.

  28. meretrisha says

    hello mommy chris, i have an award for you on my walk through life blog. check it out!

  29. I missed the last week fun in yellow.So asusual late pa rin ako.Ang daming photos of red.Ako naman nahirapang makahanap although I know meron naman pumili na lang ako ng isa as if pahirapan nanaman sa scanning lalo lang akong matatagalan.
    I love all the photos especialy the one w/ JBee!'miss ko yan!^_^

  30. hi I entered my link in here but I could not see it on the list… Just curious why???

  31. Talagang Jollibee ever ang common fave ng mga Pinoy kids. Ganda din ni Dora. At ang cute ni Kyla sa kanyang costumes.
    Thanks pala Mommy Chris for linking me up first. How could I miss this fun meme? May your family's weekend is a great one. God bless you and your family always.

  32. hi there! just dropping by! nice to meet you tita! this is baby inigo, your yougest bc blogger…

  33. hello marce chris.. di ko naabutan ang mommy moments mclinky.. closed na kase.. sana extend mo pa till wednesday. hehe! nwei, here's my super late entry:


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