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Thank you Lord, it is Friday once again! How was your week? Mine went by pretty fast… Our theme for today is YELLOW! You can post about any photos of your kids’ toys or belongings or any photo of your kids with yellow things on it… You can be as creative as you can… 🙂

Our YELLOW family photo was taken 2 years ago.

Toby with something YELLOW!

Kyla with someone YELLOW!

Join us with this week’s fun theme… Happy mommy moments!


  1. I love the family pix.Thanks,Chris for linking my entry, Happy Friday!!!

  2. Yellow is cool! Nice family picture. Oo nga marce, thank you for linking my entry din. I hope maka-join ako sa mga darating na fridays pa. :)Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Bambie dear ★ says

    Hi mommy chris.. I love this week’s theme. We’re all indeed surrounded by color yellow.. i love the family pic.. TGIF =)

  4. nice yellow photos, we’re fan of mcdonalds too.. happy mommy moments!

  5. Evan's Mom says

    Yellow is one of our favorite colors. Happy weekend!

  6. You’ll never go wrong with Ronald! Lovely family! Happy weekend mommy chris…

  7. { Jhari } says

    Yey! I have an entry for this week again.

  8. glad to join the mommy moments meme again after i went on hiatus for so long.. 🙂 great entry mommy chris. yellow and mcdo are like the coolest. 🙂

  9. i love your family pic with all of you in yellow 😀 i had fun!

  10. My first time to join! Hope to meet other moms out there. 🙂Buzzy Mommy

  11. That's cute, the entire family wearing yellow!

  12. happy friday 🙂 will post mine now 🙂

  13. here is my entry :

    can't find mr linky 🙂

  14. ♥peachkins♥ says

    This is my first time to enter mommy moments!!

  15. oh my I love your yellow family pic 🙂

    my blogging schedule is now OK so hopefully I can never miss Mommy Moments again 🙂

  16. chubskulit says

    love that family pic!

  17. nice photos…so love you family pix on yellow :-)!

  18. redamethyst says

    The family picture is so beautiful. I was able to join this week again.
    Here's My Entry

  19. Kakatuwa ung lahat kayo naka yellow. Hmm… magaya nga :p

  20. I like the family pic 🙂 happy weekend Chris, God bless you!!

  21. Nice theme Mommy Chris! The family pic is my favorite too 🙂 Happy weekend!

  22. Serendipity is Sweet says

    Great pics!
    Happy Friday 🙂

  23. love the family pic 🙂 u all look great on yellow!

  24. dami yellow! love the first pic a lot….:)

  25. *♥Shydub♥* says

    Nice topic for this week MM chris daming yellow ng pamilya. I like the family pictures

  26. Wow, a family wearing the same color! And yellow brightens up.
    Thanks for being a nice host, Chris. Can't wait for the next Friday. God bless:)

  27. Hello Chris! Better late than never! Yellow is such a happy color, isn't it? Like the all-yellow family photo! Happy weekend and God Bless!

  28. this is my first and I am so sorry for the double entry .#57 did not go directly to my blog entry so I made another one.I clicked it already before I realized that I made a mistake. my bad!

  29. colors na pala theme ngayon? tagal ko nang di nakakajoin e. anyway, just dropping by Chris. I hope I'll find time for blogging again. Take care!

  30. By MelCole of PA says

    Hi Te Chris, sorry po, na-late ako sa post ko. But been enjoying yellow day this week. Hope you got a wonderful week last week, and this week. Mmwah! Hugs.

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