Rashes Rashes

My little boy has some rashes on his legs and feet. It started yesterday morning. I am not sure what to do… whenever my kids show any kind of sickness, I noticed that it bothers me more than my hubby… I can’t concentrate on my research on best diet pills.

Anyway, I gave him anti-allergy and put on Hydrocortisone cream on the rashes. So far, the rashes are still visible, though its not reddish anymore. When you touch it, its like chicken skin… I hope that the rash will be gone by tomorrow as it will be the third day already. Have you ever encountered this with your child?


  1. you should bring him to a dermatologist mommy chris

  2. I would be careful on using a hydrocortisone cream. It doesn't really cure the rash, it only relieves itching and redness not the cause of the rash. And its a steroid so I am always hesitant in using it on my kids.

  3. must be cause by the hot weather mare.

  4. Mommy Rubz says

    Baka he was able to eat something nasty that his body reacted to it. If hinde mawala Mommy, go and see the doctor. 🙂

  5. The heat is just unbearable. One cream that works on Aori is Betnovate. But of course, always consult your dermatologist first 🙂

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