She Doesn’t Like to Dance

My daughter doesn’t like to participate when there is an activity which involves dancing or jumping or loud music. I have to talk with her several times about it to get her involved. Sometimes, it doesn’t work too. This is the way she was even when she was still little. She used to not like joining party games too. Are your kids the same way? I talked to her about participating in the mother’s day dance presentation of Sunday School kids in the church. She has agreed already but of course, it all waits to be seen when she starts practicing on Saturday. It can really be tough at times! I don’t like to force her but I have seen that she can perform in her school.

Maybe she got it from me? I don’t like performing on stage too anymore. Well I used to dance when I was little and sing until I was in my 20s but if you ask me today, I don’t like it anymore. Maybe because I don’t like my current weight so I need to read up on that lipozene review to find out if that can help me lose some more weight.


  1. just keep on encouraging her mommy chris 🙂

    i would like to invite you to be "host of the day" on may18. i hope you'll say yes 🙂

  2. Mommy Chris,
    Joaqui was like that when he was little. Actually he was more of afraid of parties and loud noises, but now he loves to perform in front of other people and dance or sing. Just encourage her and maybe one day, she'll just surprise you. ; )

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