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I can still remember when I first found out that we were pregnant in 2003. I was kind of expecting it already since I was a few days late… I was never late.. so I used the pregnancy kit and immediately called my hubby as I saw the 2 stripes. I was nervous since it was my first time.

The following week I started to feel nauseous the whole day long… and I just threw up everything I ate and even the water I drank which led me to be dehydrated. I was confined in the hospital due to hyperemesis. I was there for 3 days. We decided to move back to my mom’s place because I didn’t know if I can survive alone in the house without any helpers and besides, I didn’t want to raise my kids in the apartment we were renting then.

My 1st trimester was really difficult, and I was absent from the office most of the first 2 months. But God is good! When the 4th month came until the day I gave birth, everything went on smoothly… I gained so much weight! 50 pounds I think!
I enjoyed being pregnant, well, minus the first trimester that is 🙂
During my second pregnancy 2 years and 2 months after I gave birth to our eldest, I didn’t have hyperemesis anymore but I still was nauseous. But now, I knew how to handle it already. I was a stay at home mom by this time so there were less pressure. I didn’t gain so much weight this time because I didn’t like eating much the entire pregnancy. I think I only gained 30 punds. I also had on and off spotting during 5th month until 8th month I think… I also had UTI during the 9th month until delivery. It was a difficult pregnancy because of those incidents.
But through all the experience, I loved being pregnant. It really feels special and it was such a privilege for me… God allowed me to experience what it was like to carry someone on my womb.
What beautiful memories I will forever cherish!


  1. didnt vomit or anything suring my pregnancy so i dont know how that feels, but still havign a life inside of you makes all the discomfort worth it.

    happy wednesday

  2. chubskulit says

    Wow, nahirapan ka pala kay Toby ano Mommy Chris. What good was, dtay at home Mom ka na noon, you've got lots of rest.

    My pregnancies

  3. medyo nahirapan ka pala, chris. ako naman e hindi nahirapan but i don't like about my pregnancy is the weight gain na hanggang ngayon e hindi na naalis. but then i loved the attentions and privileges i was getting.

  4. Lol with Faith I vomited at night time during my shift, I was really so tiring hehehe and I have to take calls yet after that, anyway here's mine thanks

  5. Mommy Liz says

    Tama ka Marce, kahit napakahirap magbuntis, napakasarap pa rin at the same time. Yung maisip mong may anak kang nasa loob na inaalagaan at minamahal from the time na nalaman mong pregnant ka di ba? Pareho tayo ng experience, morning sickness di talaga nawawala sa aking pregnancy records. UTI din ako noon ke Wrozlie, yugn first timester lang naman ang mahirap sa akin, yung mga last months eh discomfort na kasi ang laki laki ko na ang hirap kumilos, hehehe!

    Thanks for joining this week. Next week eh labor and delivery naman ang topic natin.

  6. hirap ka pala sa isang anak mo dati . thank God at di ko naranasan yang mga vomitting at morning sickness na yan kahit isang beses.

  7. i didnt experience that morning sickness, but like what theyve said if di kaw nahirapan durng the pregnancy, mahihirapan ka daw sa delivery, kinda true. you may read the rest of story here

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