Election Decisions

Today, I will not post about hemorrhoids treatment but something that needs our attention as moms and citizens of our country.

I still remember in 2004, when we had our last presidential elections, my daughter was only 3 months old, now she is 6 years old. She knows what is going and and she asks lots of questions already. Just like the coming elections next week. She wanted to know what president means and why do we need to vote? I had to explain it to her and in doing so, it helped me do a lot of thinking in deciding who to vote for. Going back to the basics. What is a president can help us decide who to vote for. I even asked her afterwards who I should vote for and she replied “Sino ba ang may pinakamaraming ginawang mabuti?” So in her eyes, it is as simple as that.

Being a mom to 2 young kids, I know the importance of voting for the correct person who will lead our country. The choice we make now can affect the life of my kids. If the wrong person gets elected, they may suffer the consequences of what our nation might become in a few years time. This is actually what makes me want to go out and vote, inspite of what we are hearing about the Comelec and what we think about them.
So I urge everyone of you, if you are registered, go out and vote on May 10. The future of our nation and our kids is on the line.


  1. Amen! Join ka contest ko ha…lapit lang na bahay ng sis-in-law ko sa inyo..

  2. I find your opening statement funny, but it provided a nice segue to convey your message to all the Filipino voters.

  3. Sayang I won't be in time to vote yet again. I haven't had the chance yet actually to ever vote 😛

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