It Begins with the Grocery Cart…

Whenever we go to the grocery, my kids love to ride on the grocery cart. But they are quite big now, so the groceries won’t fit anymore. We need 2 carts now. But, I am not complaining. I know that soon enough, they wouldn’t want to sit anymore, they would want to push the cart by themselves. Then later on, they would want to put the goodies we bought at the counter so that the counter lady can use the barcode scanner to check out our items. Then a few more years, they wouldn’t want to come with us anymore.

So, I just enjoy them now.


  1. Peach360 says

    *sigh – – time flies sooo fast!

  2. Francesca Ivy says

    that's so true. 🙂

    I have a 2-yr old boy. And since hubby's overseas na, we get to do the grocery at SM by ourselves.

    Normally, he would sit down in the push cart, the one near the push cart handle. Kasya pa siya eh. Sometimes, he would sit down inside.

    There were times, too, that he would rather walk with me & push the cart together. Yun nga lang, mas tiring kasi I have to control the cart since tulak lang sya ng tulak. Hehehe. We almost bumped someone before. 🙂

  3. you're very right, chris! now, si phoebo na lang ang sumasama. His kuyas would rather stay home and sit in front of the computer than push the cart. so savor every second while sumasama pa sila!

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