Mom You’re Meant To Be #1

Aside from reading about the best weight loss pills, I am reading the book The Mom You’re Meant To Be by Cheri Fuller and its been really interesting. It is composed of 40 short chapters so it is quite easy to read. Every chapter focuses on a certain topics all related to motherhood.

Fingerprints on the wall is an interesting chapter. We got to remember that our life with the kids pass by too quickly so we have to enjoy the time we have together. Just recently my daughter told asked my why do you always work in front of the computer and you don’t play with us anymore? This was a wake up call for me.. so I will lessen my time in front of the computer when they are awake and need my attention.

This is a quote from that chapter…

“Perhaps parents would enjoy their children more if they stopped to realize the film of childhood can never be run through for a second showing.” – Evelyn Nown


  1. Thank you for sharing the book, Mommy! I especially love the quote.

    My timing is perfect as well since I am on the lookout for new bedside book =)

  2. This is indeed a wake up call for us mommies.

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