My Picky Eater

My daughter at age 6, is still a very picky eater! She is so hesitant to try out new things, and that includes food. I sometimes don’t know what else to do. I have tried to offer other food, talk to her about trying and even use different ways of presenting the food. Sometimes, I can get her to try but majority of the times, she won’t. This is why she needs food supplement like milk and vitamins. I think she won’t be needing any diet supplement at all. I make sure she drinks 2 cups of milk every day and has a daily dose of vitamins. How about you? Do you have a picky eater?


  1. my bunso is very picky .He will taste the food first and if he don't like it he will never open his mouth .Good thing is he drinks a lot of milk and juice.

  2. judys424 says

    I'm blessed that I don't.. There are meal times that Aori complains that he doesn't like the ulam so we compromise. next meal, its something he likes.

    We just exposed him to a variety of ulam and showed him that we eat these food. As some kids want Jollibee or McDo, but Aori's choices are weird… Teriyaki Boy, Healthy Shabu2.

    Good luck with Kayla..

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