Summer Days

Today we brought Kyla to her drawing class in Makati. This is her 4th session out of 5 sessions. She has been enjoying her sketching class tremendously. I can also see the improvements in her drawings too. Now, she can draw with shadows and she knows background and foreground colors too. It is a delight to see her enjoy and excel in something she likes doing! I will share some samples of her work after her graduation day and exhibit on May 22.

I can’t believe that summer is almost over too! It feels like summer just went by… What has kept me busy? I have researched on different homeschooling information and curriculum reviews. I have checked on Mesothelioma treatment and other interesting articles over the web. I have spent some days swimming with the kids on the inflatable pool. Of course, with the heat and chores waiting to be done, I just felt that summer went by too fast!
There are still some things I am looking forward to though. We will be joining the youth camp of the church next week and I am still hoping to visit La Mesa Ecopark and SM North Edsa and of course, enrolling my kids for school year 2010-2011.

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