Ballet Class

We were looking around for possible P.E. class for Kyla. Our options so far were swimming and ballet. Kyla wanted to try ballet so thank God we found a class right here in our own village and they offer free trial class so we went ahead and she had a great time! I didn’t expect that she would enjoy it so much…. she is the one wearing green headband.

I was surprised and glad that the teacher is also a homeschooling parent! Anyway, God is so good! Now, I just need to earn enough so we can pay the monthly fee. I am sure that God would provide, He is the one who led us here, He will surely provide!


  1. ♥Mommy G♥ says

    oh thats what we wanted for my munchkin but hubby so busy and i can't drive yet so we change our mind maybe next year hopefullya am start my drive lesson before mag end of the year…

  2. galing!
    ask ko lng mas mura b pag home schooling? =)

  3. *♥Shydub♥* says

    You are a very active mama talaga chris, thats great activity for summer. enroll them in different activities.

  4. garden furniture says

    This is a good length to start with. As you progress it should get slightly longer, but starting with a longer class is harder on your body. See how it goes, after a bit, you could always take a second class a week. Good luck!

  5. galing you're homeschooling kyla! that's something I can't do. my daughter is attending ballet classes rin 🙂

  6. Gusto ko rin Mommy Chris mag ballet classes si Julia paglaki. Feeling ko po kasi malaki hita nitong batang 'to paglaki (mana sa in-laws ko, hehe!). Kaya kailangan maging flexible, hehe!


  1. Ballerina says:

    […] a ballet class when she was 6 years old. We were looking for a physical education class for her and ballet became the best possible option for her. Though she is not very much interested in other dances or even in other exercises like […]

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