First Day

Today, we started our 1st day of our homeschooling journey! We studied 3 subjects only as we tested out our schedule. I asked Kyla whether she enjoyed or not, she said that she enjoyed our lessons today. I enjoyed learning with her too, though I feel like I should be prepared more so some more adjustments on my side too. It has definitely influenced Toby to be more interested in books and in learning too.

Due to this, my schedule has changed and I admit that you will see less of me online. I will still be here but I might not be able to blog hop as much.


  1. That's exciting! ^_^ So in a way, you go back to school too. I think what you're doing is great, I cheer you on. Be well, all of you. 🙂

  2. how old is your girl? my toddler and i have a study time everyday but i feel i am not enough so i still send him to pre-school for friends. envious mom here.

  3. Congrats mare! I wish I have the same patience as you when it comes to teaching kids. Good luck to your new endeavor. 🙂

  4. I will follow your homeschool journey. I might take that option too.

  5. ay! that sounds so fun! i can't wait to homeschool Svet din. hehe. kita kits tayo when we can pagbaba ko *hugs*

  6. wow, good luck marce! i know kaya mo yan… homeschooling sounds like a very exciting thing. i dunno if meron din homeschooling dito germany. iba kasi educational system nila e. pag 6yo na ang bata, kelangan na talaga ipasok sa school.

  7. serously!? homeschooling? galing namn! cant do that! I salute you! =P

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