Homeschool 101 Seminar

Last week, I attended the Homeschool 101 class of The Master’s Academy in Ortigas. They gave us an overview of the system of TMA and how to evaluate the child’s performance. We are to use Bloom’s Taxonomy. They also gave us checklists, forms and other important information. It was nice to meet many parents who are on the same journey of homeschooling too.

As a beginner, I find the seminar quite useful. Of course, there are lots more to learn as a teacher. I hope to be able to attend some more seminars, if time permits.


  1. wow! parang teacher k n nga dn nyan….special na teacher =) so love it! =P

  2. How long is the seminar? Is it just a one day seminar? from what time to what time? Is it just lecture type throughout the time?

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