Mom You’re Meant To Be #3

Lord, Give Me Patience! When dealing with our kids, most often than not, we tend to lose our tempers.. and our patience can run low. As I was reading this particular chapter of the book, I was reminded to extend more patience to my kids, be good examples to them. After all, we are to model what love really is to them, right?

As 1 Corinthians has put it.. Love is patient….
Here are some times when our kids especially needs our patience..
1. When they go through transitions. When kids go through changes, they stumble, struggle or even regress. Some changes may include : A new addition to the family, move of home or school.
2. When they are preschoolers. Sometimes, we expect far too much from our preschoolers and forget that they are still immature to handle certain situations, physically or emotionally.
3. When they are late bloomers. We need to allow the kids to grow in their own pace and accept our kids as they are. Be a source of encouragement and our kids will certainly bloom in their own time.

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