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mommy moments

Father’s day is a few days away… Our theme for this week is about letters, art works or messages our kids have for their dads or those letters that we would like to send to our own dads.

This is my daughter Kyla’s recent love letter. Though it is actually not just for daddy, but I would like to share what she wrote for her dad…
“I love daddy because he is my driver, playmate, lover. You are the best daddy. I will love you always daddy.”

Her letters are so sweet and I really cherish this stage!

Toby still do not write letters for us… but he just loves playing with his dad!

I am excited to see your posts… šŸ™‚ Happy mommy moments!


  1. ACmomCee says

    aww… Kyla is the sweetest… Alyssa hasn't written any letters for her dad yet, puro for mommmy… I'm doing my entry now… still clueless on what to write… šŸ™‚

  2. Awww…soo sweet!!Kyla is such a darling!!

  3. hi yah there mommies!!! =)
    here's mine –

    My kids cant write yet so I just made one for my husband =)

  4. she's so sweet…:-)

  5. pass muna ako sa mommy moments šŸ˜€ kasi i am a single mom, wla naman kasi daddy moments baby ko at papa nya ahahah

  6. Kyla's so sweet! I'm sure Toby will write his own letters to his Dad one day, too!

  7. Genejosh says

    wow how sweet naman ni Kyla…if Hyzyd could write na I'll surely keep this kind of priceless:)

  8. Web traffic says

    Iā€™m delighted to report that Dar is all that and a bag of chips ā€“ we got there for the sound check, ran a few songs, and then she came out to say hi, and well, long story short, she ended up singing with us on our last song…

  9. Mommy Rubz says

    Sayang, I was not able to submit my entry. Anyway, here is mine: Dear Dad

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