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With the onset of non-stop rains the past few days, one can say that sunny summer days have passed us by… so what made your kid’s summer unforgettable this year? Share it with us here at Mommy Moments!
My daughter loved her sketching class… It was her first time to attend one.
Here are some of her works from the class…

And of course, the camp at Rizal and the beach at Nasugbu were favorites too!


  1. nice sketching!!! =)

  2. Prettymom says

    wow.. your daughter has a great potential in sketching.. nice job!

    i joined MM today 🙂

  3. nice sketches…
    she'll be a great artist someday…

  4. These are lovely drawings, Chris! Kyla is really talented. You should hone her God-given skill all the more.

  5. wow, she sure has talents. those are nice sketches 😉

  6. Cielo of Brown Pinay says

    your daughter has an artistic inclination sis….we have an artist in the making

  7. such a creative gal 🙂

  8. wow, galing ng baby mo, plano ko din pag malaki na baby ko, papaslai ko din sya sa mga summer campsh

  9. ang galing ng anak mo mag son enjoyed his summer back home.evry summer ineenroll din sya ng mga kapatid ko sa swimming ,painting ,piano ,karate.kaya lang walang mga pictures.saynag nga.

  10. Kyla is very talented, Chris…nice sketching 🙂

  11. chris adventures says

    They are very creative and smart…Happy mommy moments….

  12. pretty impressive alright! ang galing naman ng dalaga mo mami Chris…..:)

  13. these are beautiful! kyla is so gifted. smart & very talented kid.

  14. wow, kyla did all that? ang galing niya naman mommy chris!!! she's a great artist!

  15. Clarissa says

    Really a workofart!!You must be very proud of her!!

  16. Ellen Joy says

    very nice sketches 🙂 she has the talent 🙂

  17. chubskulit says

    Very talented si Kyla ano Mommy Chris.. Love her art works.

  18. ☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ says

    Love it!!

  19. I'm glad to be back posting for MM, Mmy Chris!

  20. I follow and put your badge/link here Pinay Mama
    Elijah's Crib.

  21. May talent ang bagets mare. Nice drawings!

  22. I missed a lot on Mommy Moments. Kids at this age are more creative. I see it in my son too. They can copy the exact image. Keep up the good work Chris.


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