Thursday 13: Provoke Your Child

I got this from a handout given by the Children’s Dev’t Team from church.

Here are some easy steps to provoke your child into anger:

1. Spoil him. Give him everything he wants.
2. When he does wrong, nag him a little, but don’t spank him.
3. Foster his dependence on you,.
4. Protect him from all those “mean” teachers who want to discipline him from time to time.
5. Make all of his decisions for him because he might make mistakes.
6. Criticize his father to him or his mother, so your son or daughter will lose respect for his parents.
7. Whenever he gets into trouble bail him out.
8. Never let him suffer the consequences of his behavior.
9. Don’t bother him with chores.
10. Give in when he throws a temper tantrum.
11. Believe his lies because its too much hassle to try to sort though to get the truth.
12. Criticize others openly.
13. Praise him for his good looks, never for character.
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  1. So the opposite of the things in this list are what we parents should really do to make our children responsible and well-rounded. It seems we're on the right track! Thanks for sharing, Mommy Chris!

  2. It looks to me like a certain approach to teaching parents how not to provoke their children.

  3. Very informative! I need this!!! 🙂 Thanks Chris!

  4. Alice Audrey says

    That's a quick way to ruin a kid. Wish I'd done less of it.

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