Toy Kingdom

When we went to SM Megamall 2 weeks ago, my kids had a blast!
They loved the BIG toy Kingdom shop!

I just used my Nokia N70 so some shots are blurry!


  1. si baby may hawak na snake.

  2. rj's mama says

    did you visit the toy kingdom store on the second floor? they just had their once-a-year sale, super low price talaga toys

  3. Kids love toy stores! My son won't leave Toys 'R Us unless his daddy buys him a toy. We usually made him choose a cheap one, of course. When there's a reason to celebrate, we set the price limit a bit higher.

  4. I'm glad they had fun! Toy Kingdom in Sm Megamall is so far our favorite toy store. Daming goodies and stuff for children and kids at heart.

  5. Glad to know they had a blast! Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall is a sure winner. They have so many toys that children really loves.

  6. wow!!! tuwang tuwa ang mga chikitings… they really enjoyed the shop. Si alyssa super love magpunta sa toys r us, pero ayaw nya ng may binibili… gusto nya lang maglaro…

    mommy, here's my MM entry for this week…

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  8. Mommy Rubz says

    If I were there, I would enjoy playing with the big toys too! I always like to go to toy stores kaso lang ala budget if the kids wants to have one. 🙁

  9. yey! toy kingdom! =P
    ako nga LOVE ko yang store na yan eh kids p kaya?! hihihi =)

  10. toy kingdom never fails me when im looking for a gift for my niece and nephew..great store and superb customer service! 🙂 i also love toy kingdom mega branch..hehehe

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