Eye Problems

My hubby has sore eyes since Wednesday night. He went to the doctor on Friday morning and gave him medicines. My son has been having some eye problems lately too. Since Friday, he has been having eye discharges. He has already experienced this last year and a few times in the past. As I mentioned in this post, there are times when he has a cold or cough, he would have these eye discharge. I am hoping that by Monday morning, his eyes won’t be covered with eye discharge anymore. Otherwise, I am bringing him to the doctor.


  1. hope they will be well soon…

  2. reanaclaire says

    hope he will be alright soon…

  3. mjrodriguez says

    i've also experienced eye discharges when i have a cold. sometimes my eyes are even shut closed when i wake up in the morning, almost like glued together. not to alarm you though, but they do go away when i get better. so all i can say is….lots of vitamin C and rest and hope he feels better soon.

  4. Gift hampers Australia says

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