Homeschool Update

We are almost finished with the first quarter of our homeschooling. This week, we are making some projects and doing our long quizzes too. We also need to put together a portfolio of everything we did and submit it to The Master’s Academy. Hopefully, we can have everything ready by Monday. It has been an exciting first quarter for us. Lots of adjustments but definitely fun. I am certainly enjoying studying with my kids.

As for my little boy, I am glad that he is also progressing in his own studies. Since we started to study more proactively, he is able to recognize half or more than half of the alphabet already. He is also able to write some of the letters and numbers too. I don’t force him to study daily though. I give him time to play, and insert a few minutes to doing some work. When Kyla studies Social Studies, Bible or Science, sometimes, he joins in.

Amidst all the house chores I need to do, research work on apidexin reviews and blog updates that I do, I have no regrets choosing to homeschool my kids. Not only do we learn together but we build memories too.


  1. Good luck sa homeschooling marce. 🙂

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