Internet Research

I am not familiar with a lot of things that is why I am grateful for the internet which allows me to access information at the tip of my fingers. We all know that there are no good public libraries within one’s vicinity for the internet is our library for now. I am starting to teach my daughter how to research. Like look for pictures and meaning of the word but I got to be careful because I know that as wonderful as the internet is, it also has dangers.

Anyway, today, I checked out Dutch Master cigars online and finally, I had an idea how much this cigars really cost. I have don’t have much idea since I am not really a big fan of cigarettes and cigars. The internet was able to bridge these products with me!


  1. st kilda sea baths says

    The Internet is a great tool for finding primary sources for research papers, essays, and other class projects. The key to locating relevant references is to know how to search for information.

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