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I can’t believe it! It is Friday again. How fast time passes by? Today, our theme is about Grocery Day. We usually do our groceries once a week since this is where we buy meat, fish, chicken and others too. Of course the kids also love to come with us so they can buy their favorite snacks!

I really treasure this time though they can get a handful at times… I know that when they grow up, they may no longer come with me to the grocery, so I really cherish the moments!

Join us at Mommy Moments this week! And to everyone who joined last week, I am sorry that I am not able to drop by your entries yet. I will try to make it up to you soon!


  1. first ako ngaun… hehe!

    When coi get's a little older, i'll take him often na..

  2. Na-miss ko tuloy ang SM, sigh…

  3. i agree with you on that sissy, we really need to cherish such moments! susunod di na sila kasya sa cart 🙂

  4. ♥peachkins♥ says

    Di ko ma-open ang linky tools..:(

  5. I agree with you, Chris. Kids grow up so fast and we should cherish every moment of their childhood. Kids can really get rowdy inside the grocery store, especially when they see things they want, but sometimes there's too little we can do about it because they're just being themselves, kids! Justin used to like riding the grocery cart, but not anymore. He now likes to push the cart around the supermarket.

  6. SASSY MOM says

    Oh, that's true Mommy Chris… soon you'll be the one begging them to go with you. So cherish the moments

  7. st kilda sea baths says

    Every Saturday is our grocery day. Yena and I plus my sister’s children would to go Puregold riding on a tricycle.

  8. awwwwww…mukhang not in the mood si toby…ehehhehe!

    btw mamiChris…if you have a chance…hope you can join my 2nd giveaway contest.

  9. naku tama ka Mommy Chris, pag lumaki na sila e hindi na sila sasama sa atin mag-grocery. mahihirapan na tayong isama sila kahit saan.absent me last week pero bumawi ako ngayon. mine is a 2-in-1 post.

  10. i miss going to SM for groceries! just posted my entry marce. kyla and toby are so cute together at the grocery! pag malaki na yan cla marce, cla na ang magtutulak ng cart. hehe!

  11. Gift hampers Australia says

    Our little girl looks forward to going to the grocery store especially when she started to walking. She enjoys the freedom of going to her favorite sections in the store.

  12. I love taking my kids into grocery’s quality time and it’s fun !! Btw; Hi Chris it’s nice to be back here in MM I really do miss you guys anyway here’s my MM post hope you can visit me soon Godspeed =)

  13. Gift hampers Australia says

    he is so cute!especially in the first picture.. nice post!

  14. hahai.ponce says

    just dropped my entry :)tama ka mommy…kaya kahit makukulit, sige lang, a few years from now hahanap-hanapin na natin yung mga moment like this.

  15. tama yan mommy, sooner, may mga sarili na silang lakad at hindi mo na mahahatak sa grocery :)Btw, pwede ko po ba malaman kung saan at paano mo po nakuha yung mga link under Check This Out. May payment din po yun d b? Thank you and blessings!

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