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It is Friday once again and today our theme is about our kids and their bags. I am posting about my kids’s bags today…
Here are some of Kyla’s bags…

As you can see, she loves bags! She has so many bags. Most of them are gifts.

This is what she uses when she goes to her ballet class.
This is where she puts her school stuff.
As for my son, he only has 3 bags so far 🙂
I look forward to seeing your kid’s bags 🙂 Happy mommy moments!
By the way, I hope you can join my JumpStart Giveaway! 🙂


  1. dami nilang bags 🙂 kay kyla puro pink at ke toby blue 😀

    mine is up too marce!

  2. cute nung eeyore bag… Pooh the bea fanatics din kc ako…

  3. Pareho si Kyla at Ezka, most of her bags are gifts too.

    Happy MM!

  4. Hi Mommy Chris! I'm glad to be back in Mommy Moments! I was super busy the past months that I didn't get to share my posts. Anyway, I love you girl's bags. They're so kikay. I believe that we have less choices when it comes to designs for bags for boys.

  5. present today :-); missed last week MM eh.

  6. Mom-Friday says

    HI Chris, thanks for inviting me. First time here and I'm glad to be able to join you today 🙂 I was planning a "linky" since last year pa but didn't know how to start. Hope you can join me when I figure out mine 😀 Your site is really cool.

  7. Kyla's bags are so cute, so girlie. I like Toby's bags, too. They're just the right size for his age. I just uploaded my entry. Better late than never! LOL!

  8. Your eldest bag is a pink Mj loves pink also and I guess Faith is beginning to like it too lol

  9. Muthering Heights says

    Every girl needs an assortment of bags! 🙂

  10. dami nmn bags =)

    mine is up na din –

    thnks sa visit. =)

  11. Sheila Obano says

    @ mommy chris, i love kyla's ballet bag!

    hi everyone! am joining MM this week. please check mine! thanks!!!

  12. awwwwwww…super dami…ehehhe!

  13. ♥♥♥ PRETTYMOM ♥♥♥ says

    ang dami naman nilang bags 🙂

    Kyla's are so girly and so pink.. hehe cute!

    mine's up. good to be back in MM.

  14. Iba talaga pag babae ang anak need din nila ng mga fashion bags.I like the kitty bags of Kyla ang cute cute 🙂
    And she loves pink talaga

  15. Clarissa says

    Iba talaga pag babae ang anak,puro pink lahat ang gamit!^_^

  16. *♥Shydub♥* says

    Daming bag ng mga anak mo chris and they all look so cute.

  17. I'm not sure if I commented already cos I always visit the participant first after putting my link so I'll just comment again here. Those are lovely bags especially the pink one 🙂

  18. chubskulit says

    Wow am sure magaling magballet si Kyla.

    My Late Mommy Moment Post

  19. Nice bags!

    I'm late too…

  20. i love those pink bags ,ang gaganda

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