Mommy Moments – Rides on Amusement Centers

mommy moments

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the kids on rides at amusement centers!

Happy mommy moments to each one of you! Let us enjoy and be grateful that we have these unforgettable moments with our kids!

Update: To everyone, I am sorry for the mishap with the date of Linky… My Internet connection was down for the past few days and I just got the connection back now. I fixed the date already and added your links. Thanks!


  1. chubskulit says

    Hi Mommy Chris, just wondering why 17 pa start ni Mr. Linky hehehe..

  2. hi marce

    eto link ko ha 🙂

    thanks a lot!! happy MM!

  3. jganlising says

    good morning! wala p si mr linky? ehhheehhe nweis heres my entry -

    saya ng amusement park…namiss ko tuloy….sana wag umulan this weekened para makapag park =)

  4. Hi Chris, I'm joining today. Could you add me up when the linky comes up? Here's mine

    Thanks a lot and happy MM!

  5. Clarissa says

    Hello there,Mommy Chris!!Here's my link nga pala:

    Nice to see happy smiles of your kids^_^

  6. I love Toby's smile in the last photo! So adorable! It seems like he's really enjoying himself. My son loved riding big animals in amusement parks, too, when he was so much younger. He's found other loves since then.

  7. always brings out a smile in every child no?

    Here's mine:

  8. Mommy Abbie says

    Hi Chris, here's my link. my very first entry in Mommy moments. 😀

  9. Sheila Obano says

    hi everyone! early ko ngayon sa post ko..di p pwede ang link?! hehehe

    uso yang panda ride n yan! meron din kami! =)

  10. Hi Chris,

    Is this the new schedule of Mommy Moments?

    Anyway here is my link 🙂

    I've been closely monitoring when will Mr. Linky be up 🙂

  11. hi, will be joining your mommy moments bukas pa pala start 🙂

    here's my link –>

  12. marce chris, di pa open ang linky. sa 17 pa daw.. nwei, here's my entry for this week's MM: Along for the Ride.

    happy MM!

  13. Mom-Friday says

    Mi kids took all those rides up there too! 🙂 Will try to post some tomorrow, buti late si 'Linky'

  14. here's my link.

    first time to join mommy moments. hehe! 🙂

  15. my link

    Thanks for this mommy moments, it's a chance for us to be happier remembering the memories with our kids :O

  16. hi Chris! di pa open si Mr. Linky. anyways, here is my entry…

    will be back to blog hop when Mr. Linky is up yet.

  17. Bambie dear ★ says

    so nice to be here again.. been busy kasi.. miss you MOmmy Chris. Nice photos =) parang sa sm yung ung sa una pic.

    Happy weekend

  18. *♥Shydub♥* says

    Looks like they have been to many rides. Mga anak ko hindi pa nakaka experince ng ganyan, Ibang rides ang post ko mommy Chris.

  19. ♥♥♥ PRETTYMOM ♥♥♥ says

    ang cute.. halatang enjoy na enjoy ang mga kids sa rides..

    c klyne ko din adik s mga rides..hehe

  20. awwwwwww…ang saya-saya!

  21. Sheila Obano says

    thanks mommy chris for entering my link!

  22. habol pa po… for July 17… hehe!

  23. Momi Jes says

    yeah really brave in diff aspects…my daughter loves to try new things …my son doesn't like that adventure but he is also brave in diff ways =)

    thnks for the visit =)

  24. Mom-Friday says

    finally posted mine…better late than never 😉
    Chris, thanks for your feedback on Artscow, will give it a try soon.

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