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mommy moments

We have been homeschooling for a month now. This is where we usually start our day, studying in their room.

And this is where we study during the afternoon.

Our usual school day routine starts at 9am. We start with a prayer, national anthem, Bible reading and devotions. Then we start with our formal lessons. On Monday and Wednesdays, we have Language, Science and Bible. While on Tuesday and Thursday, we usually have Math, Social Studies and Reading. On Fridays, we have Filipino, World History and Mandarin. We do our copywork and textbooks then we also do projects. As long as resources allow, we try to do it hands-on so kids can appreciate and apply what they are learning.

classifying animal toys according to type
writing about what she learned from the story

created Adam and Eve out of clay.. we learned about what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made. what it means to be at the palm of God’s hands.
She has her ballet class 2 times a week and piano class once a week. And for socialization, she has her Sunday school class and the kids go with us wherever we go… they meet all sorts of people at all sorts of ages too.

While Kyla is studying, Toby is also doing his own work alongside us. Though there are days that I just let him play, but recently he has shown a lot of interest in learning to write and in studying phonics through the computer.
We haven’t been to any field trips yet but hopefully, we can schedule them soon. There have been days when we aren’t able to follow our schedule, but we don’t stress about it. We just try to read and study on other weekends when we aren’t busy. I just make sure she learns something new each day and that she appreciates what God has done for her throughout the day. I know that there are still many things I want to improve on and add on, like more vocabulary and spelling. More arts and crafts. More foreign language. I know that with God’s grace and guidance, we will continually learn together and keep enjoy learning. School has been so much fun.. Maybe I should ask my daughter to write about it and share it with you soon 🙂
Now, share your kid’s school day with us 🙂 Happy mommy moments!


  1. Galing ng commitments mo thur homeschooling,I don't think I can do that without being bias, LOL!
    btw,where's Mr.Linky?

  2. I admire mommies like you who home school their children. : )

  3. I salute you, Chris, for being the kind of mom that you are! It's not easy being your children's teacher and mom at the same time. It takes a lot of patience to do that! Your kids will grow up really appreciating all that you're doing for them.

  4. redamethyst says

    wow! naghome schooling ka pala. galing!

  5. hi marce! i think you are doing great with homeschooling kyla. kahit first time mo, ang galing ng program na dinesign mo for her. keep it up marce!

  6. That's why you have smart kids because you are one smart Mom. di ko kaya ang ginagawa mo Mommy Chris and to think na nagba-blog ka pa. you're very supportive and very good in honing their talents. dahil dyan, I will give you 10 stars…ehehe.

  7. Homeschooling looks like fun! It also enables you to spend quality time with your children. When is Toby starting schooling?

  8. wow amazing mommy you are. I'm thinking of homeschooling my eldest too but since she's doing alright at school i changed my mind again because I can see that she's very happy at school. She cry when I wont let her go to school if she's sick. Great job mommy!

  9. you are an amazing mom!!

  10. Mom-Friday says

    Wow, i admire your commitment with home-schooling. Though I considered it last year, I know I am not capable and patient enough…just tutoring with homework makes me crazy already! 😀

  11. Wow keep it up Chris,you are truly an amazing woman and a mother to your kids, how I wish I can do that pero la talaga ako patience. Good thing na lang medyo hinaba ko na ngaun hehehe mine is up and its here thansk

  12. aw….hands down ako sau mamiChris…:) bilib talaga ako sa mga nanay na nag hohomeschool.

  13. *♥Shydub♥* says

    Wow chris i am so impressed with how you take care and handle things as SAHM, teacher and Wife. Nag homeschool ka pala, do you also have to submit lesson plans for your lessons? saan nga pala ipapkita and lesson plan or activity schedule for homeschooling chris before the Division allows it?

    Wow bilib ako grabe, you seems like you know a lot about motherhood and life. i am so impressed

  14. Go Mommy Chris! God Bless on your endeavor. And hopefully, Kyla won't get bored in the succeeding years 🙂

    Btw, Mommy, Sunday school is not only for socialization 😉 More importantly, Sunday School is for our and our kids spiritual growth 🙂 In Sunday school, we learn the foundations and stands of our faith 🙂

    God Bless to your entire family.

  15. Clarissa says

    Kudos to homeschooling,Mommy Chris!!No wonder you're a super Mom to your kids^_^I admire you a lot^_^

  16. Bilib ako sa yo, Chris! You're one full time mom that I admire! you're so dedicated in what you do. kakabilib! wish I could be as pasenciosa and sipag like you!

  17. My caps off para sa yo Mare.You're one of the best Mommy I've ever known.

  18. rjs mama says

    ang galing mo mommy chris! have been thinking of homeschooling my son pero isipin pa lang parang hindi na kaya ng powers ko 😀

  19. wow mommy chris! you are awesome!!! I wish I have the courage to home school my daughter too, but I'm just not gifted with patience… I adore you for being such a hands-on mom to your kiddos… God Bless you more!!!

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