Nostalgia : This Is It!

I watched Michael Jackson’s This Is It today and I thought it was really amazing! It would have been a spectacular show and an unforgettable one too. I heard so many familiar songs… the songs that I grew up with. From Beat It to Thriller to I Just Can’t Stop Loving You… While watching and listening to the songs, I can’t help but be a bit nostalgic. It is sad that MJ’s performance didn’t push through… Also, his songs brought back a lot of memories too!
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  1. chubskulit says

    Thanks for posting it here Chris, I don't know why I can't access your other blog (WP ba yun?).

    Michael Jackson is truly a legend.

  2. Mommy Liz says

    I haven't seen this yet, but I heard it's really great. I love MJ's songs and you're right, it brings memories..

  3. Mom-Friday says

    You are right about being nostalgic with this video. I also enjoyed it immensely as you can really see (and hear) what a musical genius MJ really is.

  4. I love his music.. He was really admired by many people.

  5. oo nga… sayang siya …. He really was a great performer… until now his music live… mine is up too sis… at On This Side of Town

  6. I also love his music Sis specially the mellow ones. Please check out My True to Life Story of Aswang/Manananggal


  7. ganda nga ng mga song nya.

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